Community Liaison

I am Britta Martin, and I am the Community Liaison for the Phoenix Gaymers. I enjoy a variety of games on a variety of platforms, but am really into games like Katamari Damacy, The Elder Scrolls series, The Mass Effect series, Team Fortress 2, and Borderlands 2. I also really enjoy board games/card games, and am always up for a board game night. A few of my other hobbies include exploring Phoenix, reading books, and wearing cardigans even when it’s hot.

I attended my first Phoenix Gaymers meet up in October 2014. The more I spent time with the Gaymers and learned about our vision to not only welcome fellow gaymers, but to also help other LGBT people in our community, the more excited I became. This vision drove me to seek out the Community Liaison role in May 2015. I am very passionate about social justice, and as Community Liaison, I am putting that passion to work.

As Community Liaison, my hope is to be able to give back to our community even more fully. By collecting donations, communicating volunteer opportunities, providing services to other organizations, and making sure that we are aware of our resources, I hope to help the Phoenix Gaymers more fully realize their vision to be a non-profit organization whose focus is to welcome our community, while also giving back to it.