About the Phoenix Gaymers

Phoenix Gaymers is Arizona’s Largest Gay Gaming Group.

Phoenix Gaymers provides a safe and fun environment for the LGBT Community and Friends to come together, have fun, play games, socialize, and generally support each other.

This is a group for LGBT folks in the Phoenix Metro area that are self identified as gamers. We’re open to folks that enjoy playing games of any kind, whether it be CCG, board games, consoles and anything in between.

Console, MMORPG, arcade, board, card, you name it — let’s get together and find some geeky trouble to get into.

Contact the Co Organizers

Join us on Meetup.com – meetup.phoneixgaymers.com

Be sure to ‘like’ our page on Facebook – facebook.phoenixgaymers.com

And Join our Open Group on Facebook – group.phoenixgaymers.com