2013 Year In Review

2013 was a big year for Phoenix Gaymers. Here are a some of the highlights:

  • We hit 500 likes on the Phoenix Gaymers Facebook Page.
  • We have over 500 members in our Facebook Group.
  • We have almost 300 members in our Meetup Group.
  • We turned 8 years old.
  • We marched in the Phoenix Pride Parade for the first time ever!
  • We hosted over 50 events.
  • We revamped the Phoenix Gaymers website.
  • First Phoenix Gaymers Schwag, 3 runs of shirts, 3 sets of stickers, and business cards.
  • The monthly Gaymer Party is now in Phoenix at 1 Voice Community Center.
  • 1st article about Phoenix Gaymers in print – Echo Magazine
  • Featured supporter on the 2014 Men vs Cosplay Calendar
  • Regularly seen at some of the Valleys coolest Events – Phoenix Comicon, Tongue Tied, and more!

We’re ready to see what amazing things we’ll get into in 2014!