I am Delos Hawkins, I usually go by Russ. I am the Co Chair for Phoenix Gaymers. I lean toward console games. Currently I own a PS3, Wii, and Nintendo 3DS XL. I currently work in Pharmacy Benefits as a Pharmacy Technician. I’m interested in Yoga, Indie Rock, and Record Collecting.

I have been a member since October 2010 and a Co Organizer since June 2012. I originally joined through a separate Phoenix Gaymers group on eventually becoming an Organizer. In 2012 the two Phoenix Gaymers groups combined as one. I Co Organized with our Co Chair Shane, developing our Social Events, Facebook, and Promotions until we created our Management Team in 2014.

As a Co Chair I believe our leadership will help take Phoenix Gaymers to the next level as a Community Organization. We will lead the group toward becoming a registered Non-Profit. As a Promotions Manager, I continue to manage the Facebook Page, making sure people are aware of upcoming events, engaging other groups in the community, and finding ways to let people know about Phoenix Gaymers.