Co-Chair/Technical Manager

I am Shane Cooper-Blissett.  I have been with the Phoenix Gaymers since the very first event.  I took over leading the group when the founder left state in around 2008.  Around 2010, Phoenix Gaymers joined with the Meetup Phoenix Gaymers and I became co-organizer.  I am excited to move into the co-chair role as we begin our journey to becoming a non-profit organization.  In the beginning, the Phoenix Gaymers vision was to provide a safe haven for LGBTQ people who love gaming of any type.  As we move forward, I am excited to see this group take the next step, to begin providing a positive impact on the LGBTQ community.

I have been gaming since I got my first system, an Atari, for Christmas way back when they were new and not ‘retro’.  I love all types of games, but focus mostly on fighting games, Call of Duty, Rock Band, Dance Central and RPG’s like Prototype, Resident Evil, etc.  I spent many year playing City of Heroes and I dabbled in World of Warcraft.  I have also played Magic the Gathering since about 1993.  I have a daughter, Lilly (who often attends event and is VERY supportive of our group) and my step-son Zach.  I live in East Mesa with our dog, Bradley and rat, Paws.  I’m very outdoorsy.  I spend a lot of time working in my garden, when I’m not gaming.

As Co-Chair, I continue my efforts to build and grow the Phoenix Gaymers.  I am driven to move us from our humble beginnings of 6-7 people to become one of the largest location based gaymer organizations in the world.  My goal is to see our group begin to give back to the community at large and to become a non-profit organization.

As the Technical Manager, I focus my time on constantly fine tuning the website, maintaining email accounts and any other ‘technical’ issues that may come up.  I am eagerly looking forward to growing the website and hopefully mobile capabilities.