History Manager

I am Joshua Willingham, but I also go by Josh. I am the Secretary for Phoenix Gaymers. I’ve been part of
Phoenix Gaymers since 2014. I’m also a Phoenix native and have spent too many summer here. Most of
my gaming now focuses on games I can play with my family. I play a lot of PS4 games, but I also like PC
gaming, board games, card games, and tabletop RPGs. I’m always up for trying something new, and
Phoenix Gaymers has introduced me to many great games I would have never considered trying.

I work for a large hospital network based in Phoenix where I configure and maintain clinical software to
help our doctors provide the best care possible to our patients. I practice Tai Chi, and I enjoy
weightlifting, hiking, trying new foods and restaurants, reading, and gaming of course. I also helped start
a Meetup group for bi men, but I’ve stepped down to make time to join the Phoenix Gaymers

As the Secretary, I will be responsible for arranging management meetings, taking meeting minutes, and
keeping historical records for compliance with our non-profit status. I’ll also assist with running the
parties, other Phoenix Gaymer events, and anything else needed achieve the mission of Phoenix